Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maybelline Color Elixir Glosses (PHOTO HEAVY)

Hello fellow beauty addicts! It's been a really long time and I'm so sorry for disappearing like that.

Anyway! I've bought a lot of makeup and I have tons of reviews I want to do but I couldn't help myself when I saw these new Maybelline Color Elixir Glosses at Bed Bath and Beyond. There are 20 shades in this collection and thank goodness it's not limited edition.

I purchased 4 of them to start with and the moment I put this gloss on I was in heaven. I have never ever had this much luck with a lip product. I loved it so much that I ran and got the entire collection. Yes ... I bought all 20 shades. Yes ... I am an addict.

Most of the shades are cream finishes and the few with sparkles (I'm not a fan of shimmery lip products) were actually very nice and comfortable (not to mention flattering) on my lips. :) They're actually small tubes too so it's easy to pop in your pocket.

I read that people compared these to the Loreal Caresse Shine Stains (hated those). The applicators are exactly the same but the formulas are completely different. These Maybelline glosses blow everyone's lip products out of the water. I honestly don't see myself purchasing other lip products in the near future (I know probably not).

This gloss is not sticky, there is a scent (kinda vanilla-ish - not sure I may need some help figuring the scent out), the applicator is great, the gloss lasts a good bit, the pigmentation is amazing, and the good thing is that when it wears off - my lips are still soft and moisturized. I can't say that about any other lip product. I don't see any flaws in these other than they need MORE shades!! lol Hope my wallet didn't hear that! ;)

Ok, have I enticed you to purchase these? Well, here are the swatches and names of all the shades!! Let's begin!!!

From Left to Right: (1st has flash, 2nd no flash)
05 –Breathtaking Apricot
10- Celestial Coral
15- Mandarin Rapture
20- Signature Scarlet
25- Mauve Mystique

From Left to Right: (1st no flash, 2nd flash) 
30- Raspberry Rhapsody
35- Dashing Orchid
40- Vision In Violet
45- Amethyst Potion

50- Caviar Couture

From Left to Right: (1st  flash, 2nd no flash) 
55-Glistening Amber
60- Nude Illusion
65- Caramel Infused
70- Intoxicating Spice

75- Fuchsia Flourish


From Left to Right: (1st no flash, 2nd flash)  
80 –Captivating Carnation
85- Hibiscus Heaven
90- Rose Redefined
95- Blush Essence
100 – Petal Plush


Here is the photo of the applicator: 

So what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I would love to see lip swatches!! Those look amazing.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

  3. Incredibly helpful. Thanks a ton!!

  4. I love that you bought all 20- girl after my own heart! ;-) Lovely swatches-- I'll have to get Caramel Infused and all those purple and plums!

    1. lol I'm so broke after buying all these but I couldn't help it. They are amazing.

  5. These look great! Thanks so much for all the swatches! Are these liquid lipsticks or are they glosses? I've seen them called both and am not sure.

    1. I'd say they're more like glosses and they're very pigmented. Some are vibrant so they are like lipsticks in a way.

  6. The tube is so short, but it's cute! ^^
    And wow! Thank you for all of these swatches. So helpful. :)

    There are so many purple shades!!!!

    1. I was happy to see a wide variety of purple and purple doesnt really look good on me ... but i can actually pull off a few of them : )
      i just love the formula too

  7. Wow, Fatima, this is really cool! It's my first time reading anything by you, and if the reviews are as cozy and informative as this one, I'll stick around =)

    1. I hope you do come back. I will try to post more often.

  8. That is dedication right there! Thanks so much for the swatches, by the way. It helped to narrow down the ones I wanted!


  9. I've previously seen swatches of Vision In Violet & seeing your swatch just reconfirmed me that I NEED it .

    I also need Breathtaking Apricot & Fuchsia Flourish now .

    Thank you so much for these swatches ! :)

    --- Nicole

  10. Oh my those purple shades are amazing!

  11. love those flesh tones!!! im here because nouvea cheap!

  12. Hey Fatima! This is sooo exciting for all of makeup lovers. I'm so happy these are pigmented. I cannot wait to buy some. Thank you for posting this. I'm so glad I heard about your blog through Nouvea Cheap! :)

    - Meesha @ http://strawberryheartschocolatedarts.blogspot.com

  13. Hi,
    I was wondering how much each of these cost, and if they are like stains? I don't like reapplying my lip color after every time I eat. :)

  14. You basically either spent close to 200 for all of these or a little over. Wow! Thanks for the swatches.

  15. Hi Fatima,

    Can you please talk about the average wear time? Am I going to have to reapply after drinking water?

  16. I got Petal Plush and Rose Redefined. Petal Plush is a very light pink that barely shows up on my lips. With Maybelline lipliner in Sweet Pink 132 (bought from the U.K.), it is my favorite pink nude lip. It has silver glitter pieces that stuck to my face around my mouth after eating, which I personally don't think is a good look, so I recommend wiping it off well before eating. Rose Redefined is a pale rose color with a jelly-like finish and no glitter. Somehow these glosses stay put on my lips. I tend to mash my lips together, but the gloss did not move outside my lips. They didn't stain my lips, but both colors I got have very little pigment. Also, they didn't dry out my lips, which some of the regular Colorsensational lip glosses do. Based on your swatches, I think I'll try Caramel Infused next. Thanks for the swatches!

  17. I bought one in Captivating Carnation after oogling over the packaging. I thought it was actually lipstick at first. Thankfully someone (not me) had already opened one so I also opened it and thought it was a beautiful color. Now I need all of them! Thanks for the swatches!

  18. Oh wow I'm gonna get the red and orange ones in the first swatch! Thanks girl

  19. I was looking for swatches and came to your blog, wow! All the shades are amazing! I wanted the Mandarin Rapture but now I think I'll buy at least a couple more!

  20. I love that they leave lips moisturized after wearing off. Nyx butter glosses have the same effect on my lips. Do check those out those as well!