Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wet N Wild Fergie BB Cream

I went to a Super Walmart and found a display of Wet N Wild Fergie's BB Cream. It said that it was a Walmart Exclusive. The bottles even had $2 off peelie coupons! The retail price was $5.62.

I really love the Wet N Wild Coverall foundation and it is a foundation that I use daily if I'm not using my Dr. Jart BB Cream. So when I saw that Wet N Wild has their own BB Cream I just had to give this a try.

The packaging is really nice (tube) and the tube doesn't have a wide opening so you can have a great handle on how much of it you want to dispense. There was a few shades. I know Nouveau Cheap has photos of the display from one of her readers. Here is the link:

I got the shade in Light (the lightest shade).

I dispensed some on the back of my hand to give you an idea of what the shade looks like:

I wish they had a fair shade because this was too yellow for my skin. I noticed a terrible odor to this as well. It faded after a while but the smell wasn't pleasant at all. The consistency is similar to a tinted moisturizer but a little thicker. I applied it to my skin with an ELF Flat Top brush and I set it with my Jordana powder. 

I found it hard to blend on my skin, could be the brush but as I tried using my fingers it got more difficult. You have to work fast because the bb cream dries fast. This is what my face looked like: 

Pretty good considering I had a few scars and 2-3 pimples on my face. 


Ok, after a whole day of wear, my skin BROKE OUT badly!!! :( Oh no!! Not sure if it's exactly from this BB Cream but it really got me. This is just some of the damage the BB Cream did:

UGH!! My face looks terrible with all these zits on them. :( Booo!! This BB Cream is NOT for me. Maybe it would work out for other people but it did not work for me. 


  1. Good thing I'm not the only one that smelled that in the product, I really don't like it and it makes me feel a bit iffy to use it on my face. I think I'm going to mix it with olay fresh effect so that smell can go away, I really can't stand it. lol

    1. LOL I don't even think mixing can help it
      It really smells bad and the product really broke me out for some reason.